A Crowdsourcing Control Center, Built for Developers

Hitblocks helps you acquire high quality image labeling data from Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Hitblocks helps developers:



Fast-track your ideas into products. Use our image labeling interfaces or connect your own directly to the crowd through an external URL.



Hitblocks is built for experimenting! Gain complete oversight on the quality of your tasks via dashboards.



You have the option to review and edit every worker’s task and we get you started with crowdsourcing best practices for the highest level of quality assurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hitblock?

A hitblock (Human Intelligence Task Block) is a modular template for posting and receiving crowdsourced microtasks online. Hitblocks act as a central hub to send and receive answers from the crowd. They contain instructions on where to post microtasks, how much to charge, and where to send your data when processed.

Hitblocks become an API you can use to easily abstract and control complicated sequences of microtasks, the order of which can be switched according to their outputs to have complete control over your microtask flows.

What is a microtask?

A microtask is a piece of work that can be done digitally and in parallel by large numbers of people online. An example would be labeling a set images from a database.

Services such as Amazon Mechanical Turk are marketplaces that help workers to complete these pieces of work through your digital interface.

Hitblocks are there to help you build, measure and optimize this process of working with the crowd by automating the distribution, collection and measurement of this digital workforce.

What are some alternatives to Hitblocks?

Hitblocks is there as a meta layer to using other crowdsourcing services. As an alternative to hitblocks you could directly use a crowdsourcing service yourself. Crowdflower, ScaleAPI, and Amazon Mechanical Turk are all available for a direct integration and have our full seal of approval.

However with Hitblocks you get many advantages over manual integration:

  • Faster access to prebuilt worker interfaces that are easily customized or extended.
  • Easier control over more complicated flows of microtasks to build automated quality control systems.
  • Secure data can be kept private without having to be sent through anyone elses server.

How much does Hitblocks cost?

Hitblocks is free for your first block and 100 microtask postings. After that a subscription costs $30/month with access to more advanced features.

How can I pay for Hitblocks?

Hitblocks will pass the cost on to your Amazon account through IAM credentials you supply. We will record the transactions on your dashboard for your review. Subscriptions can be purchased through the application.

What data does a hitblock collect?

Hitblocks are there to help give you insight into your crowdsourcing operation, we are not there to collect any data other than that relating to crowdsourcing. Hitblocks will only collect the data that you choose to send back, which we have recommendations on to get access to various features.

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